Monday, May 19, 2008

Albert, our new agent!

Hello u,

Sorry, we've abandon you again. So often, you return with the hope that we update, but you see nothing. It makes you sad no?
Well you see the reason behind this whole deal of no updates, simply, is not because we are busy with our lives. BUT we are plain lazy. It's so fun to give out cookies and make people happy, and then, we forget to tell the world how did that.

Sorry, we really are quite hopeless cases.

So, Lex decided to recruit someone who's high on life and loves to take photo. Meet our new agent #2947 (okay, that number's a lie).... ALBERT!

anyhoo, he's been sweet and nice, had some cookies for himself, and passed the leftovers to the others. (Err.. I think we gave him a new batch of cookies)

Here's his piece of update:

Now be nice, go say hello to albert.



Sunday, March 23, 2008

we met people.

Seriously, I run out of ideas what to put as blog titles. Just very hard. Hmmph. (Lex, can't we just name it something like post number 26?) *watches out for the shoe*

Anyhow, in the past month, we visited an orphanage and also home for mentally challenged people. I'm sure you read the previous post that we were requested to help out by AMBP. Thank you, you kind folks. It really made our day (not much of me, I'm in New York!)
Here are some pics:

Also, Lex met rockstars, Estranged and gave them 'rock' cookies. I remember these cookies actually hit Melvin's left eye, once, long time ago. I hope those guys survived hehe.We haven't really went out passing a cookie of joy or two. But next month, we'll be giving out cookies at Moonshine. It's a music project hosted by Reza Salled (apparently, he is the Msian John Mayer or something like that). So, go get some cookies and donate some money that'll benefit an orphanage in KL. I'm not sure which orphanage though but we'll update (yes, hit me with a stick for not doing that!)

So, you take care and we'll see you around :-)
Those lil' rock cookies...

Have a good week ahead!

Monday, March 10, 2008

soon i say soon!

Okay I know Lex is out to kill me. The deadness of this blog, is very much because of me. But now, I'm back in NY. Why do you expect me to be updated. Lex said, "you fool, you have internet"

Fair enough.

Well, last month has been very very productive! Will post SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOn. I promise. I think the dude at AMBP would probably kill me. ah!

Anyway. Good day folks.



Thursday, January 31, 2008

NEw month, more cookies

Joon here.
sorry lahh, didn't update the whole of last month. Anyhoo.. HAPPY FEBRUARY. I hate february cause *ahem* someone's bday lah... lol

But anyhoo, since we've been so lazy to distribute cookies. Finally someone forced us to hit the kitchen again to do what we TRY to do best - making people happy. We'll be at Handicap and Mentally Retarded Children Centre Selangor (somewhere in Ampang) giving out cookies to these children. So, if you very very hardworking (just like us. meh) you can come by too.
For more info, click here

Till then, we are going back to the snooze mode.


Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's ahead!

Hey there

Hows the holiday spoiling you? Good? bad?

But whatever it maybe we at Project: Have a cookie wish you a big big big Happy New Year.
Hope you'll have a great prosperous year ahead! Have fun!

And be good tonite!


Lex and the cookie monsters :-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More happy people!

Hey there,
Yeah, we take our own sweet time to update... Here are more people who enjoyed freshly baked cookies!

#57. Andrew, 18, student

#58. Nur Ain, 19, student

#59. Chua Wai Kit, 19, student

#60. Sivanan, 19, student

#61. Susan, 18, student

#62. Gideon Yoong, 19, student

#63. Shaz, age unknown, the man who knows the world

#64. Mikel, 26, engineer/the Splash milk dude

#65. Sandra Wong, 21, photographer
Current cookie count: 65!

Sheesh, some wanted their glamourous looking photo on... so we have to oblige hehe
Well, we are trying our best to spread the love. Infact, we're planning to visit a certain orphanage in PJ to bring them some love. The date is set on 22nd Dec. Hopefully all goes well and Project: have a cookie! will make it's first mini party for these kids. Fingers crossed!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Post 20th: Yay, pics are relocated.

Hey you,
I'm truly sorry I haven't been keeping up with my commitment. But here's something I should have done ages ago. Pics of happy people with cookie! This one, thanks to Amanda for spreading the cheer!
#36. Benji, 22, student
#37. Bernand, 22, student

#38. Brian, 19, student

#39. Cheryl, 23, accountant

#40, 41, & 42. (L-R) Christian, age unknown, tax assist., Angel & friend, students, 22

#43. Christobelle, 17, student

#44 &45. Christopher, 15, student & Yuen Wei, 22, IT

#46. Esther, 20, student

#47. Kelvin, 26, insurance adjustor

#48. Kin San

#49. Ruth

#50, 51, 52, & 53. Sam Lee, 19, Ying Roe, Hui Lynn, and Eva (all 20 and students)

#54. Sharon, 20, student (I know that's like 4 or 5th Sharon on our project!)

#55 & 56. Yvonne, student & Matthew, broadcast journalist (both 22)

Current Cookie Count: 56!

We are planning something big soon. Stay tuned. Ta for now.

anything drop a line @


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